Ministry Since 1990, Lifeline has been involved in prison ministry around the world.  The ministry conducts more than 150 Christian education classes, worship services, and counseling annually.  Lifeline is affiliated with The Westchester County Corrections Department,Valhalla, New, the New York State Department of Correction and Community Alternatives, The Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and the Texas Juvenile Department of Justice.  





The Sons of Glory & The Daughters of Mercy

Youth ministry is a key component of Lifeline Ministries. 

The ministry impacts hundreds of youths through global evangelism, criminal justice programs, and ministry to children of incarcerated persons.


Evangelism & Mission

Charity Starts at Home and Spreads Abroad is the evangelistic and missions’ arm of the ministry.  By God's grace we continue breaking ground by explaining the Truth, proclaiming the Word, and transforming lives in twenty-three countries so far. 


Intercessory Prayer 





T-Training spiritual leaders.

E-Empowering leaders to fulfill their purpose.  

A-Helping leaders be change agents.

C-Challenging the pursuit of Christ-likeness.

H-helping to edify the Body of Christ globally


Contact Us:

Min. Donald L. Johnson

Lifeline Ministries International,

Post Office Box 215

May Pearl, Texas 76064​



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