“I have known Min. Donald Johnson for several years….His heart of compassion, love and faithfulness has impacted the prison population, the community and missions’ work significantly…”Reverend Dr. Jerry Lynn, Senior Pastor, Reach Out Fellowship Church, Colonie, NY.


“I have to say your ministry was a lifesaver for me while I was in prison.  You shared the gospel on a human level.  I was able to connect with your stories, life, love, and commitment to helping incarcerated people.  You taught, led and allowed…Like Jesus, I can say ‘I wept’ because you always left us in tears of hope and joy.”-Sharon Richardson, Now free after 20 years.


“Min. Johnson and the ministry serve faithfully… As a very young adult, the ministry challenged me to admit, confront and recover from my drug addiction; and to glorify God with my life.  I thank God for the seeds of God’s words Min. Johnson planted in my life-” Dan Bailey, Senior Student Nyack College, New York.


“One night Sister Bunberry prayed for my sister.  A couple of days later we received a breakthrough.  My sister, being treated for cancer, is restored…I look forward to the Lifeline Intercessory Prayer Ministry, and the opportunity to pray for sick and hurting people all over the world-” Sister Anne Craig.


“Min. Johnson’s ministry has been a tremendous blessing to us and the people of Africa in many diverse ways.  By doing missionary work with us in Ghana and periodically sending financial support we have been able to transform lives, especially children.  Remember, together we transform lives.” -Bishop Isaac Redeemer, Founder and President, Amazing Gospel International Churches, Ghana, Africa.

"Minister Johnson and the team helped minister to me in my time of need.  They planted a special seed in my heart that urged me to seek the Lord....it helped ease my pain...Now working and getting back on the path of righteousness, I am gainfully employed and  serve in a local church helping children and adults" - Brother Sky.

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